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Monitoring conditions across multiple golf locations for Northern Texas PGA

  • Ryan Kossick
    Chief Operating Officer, Northern Texas PGA

“In the golf business, weather is a challenge,” says Ryan Kossick, COO at Northern Texas PGA.

Especially when you’re managing multiple tournaments over a broad area.

A service to monitor local course conditions remotely and automatically activate outdoor warning systems with an app can go a long way when you’re overseeing multiple locations.

“The service you use can make your life a lot easier,” he says. “And that’s what Perry Weather does for us.”

With a full range of statewide tournaments, Northern Texas PGA wanted a weather safety warning system for golf courses that could handle multiple locations easily.

“Here’s a perfect scenario,” Ryan says. “I was the weather advance for our junior tournaments for a recent event.” He had to monitor conditions for tournaments in East Texas, Grand Prairie, and Dallas.

He used Perry Weather’s mobile app for consistent, up-to-date weather readings.

“I’m looking at my screen and all three of those locations are there,” he says. “And I can see what the temperature is. I can set up the lightning monitoring for the ranges. I can see if it’s all clear, I can see if anything has a strike. I can easily go in and click to check the radar at each location.”

“It makes managing multiple locations very easy to do,” Ryan says.

With 17 full-time staffers, Northern Texas PGA also needed their weather safety system to be easily accessible by multiple users.

“One of the factors for switching to Perry Weather was the user access, first and foremost,” he says. “Many people on our full-time team need access to information, even including 50 summer interns.

“Now we’re able to equip our interns that are on site managing our events with the same technology. In the past, it was one person trying to monitor 10 different locations and be the hub for it all.”

The Perry Weather platform helps Northern Texas PGA respond effectively and efficiently when weather is unpredictable.

“Yesterday we had freezing rain. We had three different tournaments going on, and I was on the Perry Weather app and on my phone all day, talking to staff.”

“It’s challenging, but you all help make it easier,” he says.

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