On-site WBGT monitoring and alerts powered by your heat stress policies

Prevent heat stress injuries for student athletes and outdoor events with precise wet bulb globe temperature monitoring you can trust, so you can focus on the game.

  • On-site WBGT sensor
  • Real-time customizable alerts
  • Heat stress policy integration

on-site wbgt monitoring

Beat the heat with precision WBGT monitoring

For athletic trainers and directors who prioritize athlete safety, Perry Weather delivers precise on-site wet bulb globe temperature monitoring. Move beyond generic regional data and broad estimations with hyper-local WBGT monitoring and alerts powered by your heat stress policies.


WBGT offers a clearer and more precise understanding of real-world conditions than heat index, ensuring safety and informed decision-making for all outdoor activities.


WBGT measurements are automatically recorded and stored, ensuring you stay compliant without the tediousness and potential errors of traditional manual methods.


We translate data into practical steps based on heat stress policies and local regulations. From hydration reminders to activity adjustments, we ensure safety first.

on-site weather station and warning system

On-site hardware that eliminates risk

Set it and forget it

Never worry about having to set up tripods or do readings every 15 minutes during outdoor activities again. Perry Weather automatically monitors WBGT and records readings every 15 minutes, so you can ensure you’re in compliance without the hassle.

Accurate black bulb sensor

Perry Weather stations include a precise WBGT monitor with a large 3.5″ black bulb sensor, offering more reliable readings than smaller handheld devices.

Eliminate human errors

Competing handheld devices are prone to inaccuracies due to factors like shadows and calibration errors. Perry Weather’s stationary unit minimizes these issues, ensuring consistent and dependable heat readings by eliminating human errors

Easy-to-use software that gives you the heat insights you need

Perry Weather’s web and mobile app keeps you informed of heat risks for the day and what decisions to take based on your policies, so you can confidently safeguard those you’re responsible for.

Heat stress policy based alerts

Automatic instructive alerts and warnings that are triggered based on your policies, keeping you compliant and confident in your decision-making so everyone on your staff knows exactly what to do when WBGT levels are high.

  • Automated warnings: Push notifications and text message alerts with automatic action instructions once WBGT threshold is breached
  • Custom quiet times: Pause notifications during weekends or nighttime, ensuring disturbance-free periods for when practices and games aren’t taking place
  • Configurable settings: Configure specific user and warnings settings that fit your organizational needs

Ensure compliance with historical WBGT readings

Perry Weather automates the process of monitoring Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) by recording its values every 15 minutes, eliminating the need for manual note-taking or logging.

  • WBGT values are automatically saved every 15 minutes
  • Easily access historical WBGT values in the Perry Weather dashboard
  • Export historical WBGT values from any point in time

Predictive heat stress warnings so you can plan ahead

Get heat and WBGT risk updates based on your policies, so you’re not caught by surprise and are able to adjust outdoor activities accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about how Perry Weather monitors WBGT and heat stress? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

What is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

Wet bulb globe temperature measures heat stress in direct sunlight, giving a better idea of how the human body will react in hot and humid weather.
WBGT readings, unlike regular temperature readings, combine the effects of:
-ambient temperature
-wind speed
-relative humidity
-sun angle
-cloud cover (solar radiation)
Learn more about wet bulb globe temperature

Why do I need to monitor WBGT?

By taking in these other factors, WBGT is a more practical, accurate, and useful measurement of heat as it relates to the body, especially when dealing with outdoor activities and sports programs. 

Said plainly, WBGT is the best measurement to prevent exertional heat stroke.

States like Georgia have begun mandating the use and monitoring of WBGT for all high school outdoor athletic programs. The University Interscholastic League (UIL) has recommended Texas athletic programs to start using WBGT and moving away from heat index.

How does Perry Weather measure Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

There are two complex formulas involved in calculating Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. To truly get WBGT measurement right, having an on-site WBGT sensor like the one offered with Perry Weather’s weather station is the way to go. Perry Weather’s outdoor weather station is equipped with a more capable 3.5” diameter black bulb, providing precise and timely WBGT readings.

Why is Perry Weather better than handheld devices for measuring WBGT?

Portable devices are prone to human-error, especially if they require frequent calibration or if users don’t use them properly. 

For handheld devices to be accurate, they must be mounted on a tripod 4-6ft off of the ground and calibrated for 30 minutes prior to measurement.

Perry Weather’s on-site sensor gives you real-time WBGT data without any need for calibration or waiting time.

What’s the difference between Heat Index and WBGT?

Unlike WBGT, heat index is a measurement that only takes into account air temperature and humidity. Think of it as the “feels-like” temperature in a shaded area. Heat Index is measured in the shade rather than the sun, and doesn’t factor in cloud cover (solar radiation), wind, or sun angle.

For situations where precision and heat safety are needed, like in outdoor sports practice or outdoor events, WBGT is preferred. Learn more about heat index vs WBGT

How do we determine our WBGT policies?

If you need help crafting a heat stress and WBGT policy for your needs, Perry Weather offers policy consultations backed by expert meteorologists to make sure your policy is accurate, tailored, and comprehensive.

Learn more about how to craft a WBGT policy for your location

How do we know when our WBGT is too high for outdoor activities?

The data from the black bulb sensor on Perry Weather weather stations is reflected onto your user-friendly website and mobile dashboard. Depending on the reading and your policy, clear and instructive alerts are then delivered via SMS alerts, PA warnings, and more.

So, if your WBGT reading is at dangerous levels, your staff members can receive warning alerts to take action.

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What is WBGT and how do you calculate it?

Since WBGT is a measure of heat-related stress specifically, it is an important factor to consider anytime people are performing some kind of outdoor activity. To ensure the safety of working conditions, regulations are in place for WBGT monitoring.

Guide to Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

Quickly becoming the go-to, most accurate measurement for outdoor heat stress, wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) is a measurement you should be considering when you want to comprehensively and confidently ensure safety with outdoor activities. 

Do I need an on-site sensor for WBGT?

Without on-site measurements, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) readings use a patchwork of data, including data from the nearest government weather station. These estimates can understate actual WBGT by as much as 3-6°F – a potentially dangerous difference.

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