Weather Safety for Golf & Resorts

We watch the sky so you can keep your eye on the ball

Keep your staff on the same page, your players safe, and your course in top shape.

Get precise, location-based weather information and automatic alerts aligned with your course’s weather guidelines right to your phone or outdoor warning system.

Why Panther National trusts Perry Weather

“We needed a system that not only allows us to ensure the safety of our guests, but also simplifies our daily operations. Perry Weather has exceeded those expectations and are such an easy team to work with.”


Real-time conditions to keep your course in top shape


Automated weather alerts to your connected carts


Lightning Countdown Timer

Know when you can resume play in your member app or website

  • Helpful, in-app countdown timers based on your course’s safety policies
  • After a lightning strike is detected, initiate a countdown until given the all-clear and resuming outdoor activities
  • The timer resets with each subsequent strike, ensuring adherence to safety protocols before resuming activities

Outdoor Warning Systems

Automatically alert players on the course

  • Personalized PA Warnings: Get custom alerts with our lightning warning system for continuous safety
  • Strobe lights and audible sirens, loud alarms, and text-to-speech make sure you won’t miss lightning alerts
  • Affordable with no large upfront costs – simply bundle the outdoor warning hardware with your Perry Weather subscription

Integration Partners

Integrate with tools you already use

Playbooks for golf

Playbooks + Perry Weather gives you data and information to enhance your Nutrient Analysis, Inventory, Cost, GDD, EIQ, AI, and more, all with an export ability for reporting.


Get real-time weather alerts for lightning and more right on your E-Z-GO cart screen.

TORO IntelliDash

Track and manage assets and equipment, optimize irrigation and resource management.

Powerful tools to monitor your courses & keep players safe

Hardware that just works

Reliable hardware – no power source or network needed. Remotely managed and monitored

Course conditions at a glance

Monitor ET, rainfall, possible frost delays, and other data important for maintenance and safety

Lightning delay timers

Keep your players and staff informed with a customizable countdown until play can resume

Text your staff

Blast a message to some or all of your staff, such “Frost – delay start” or “Staff meeting 6am”

Powerful integrations

Seamlessly integrate weather safety into your golf carts, member app, website, and more

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for one-on-one guidance and event forecasts

Customer Testimonials

“Perry Weather helps us make better decisions – usually a lot quicker.”
— Dan Casey , Sand Valley Golf Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we get from prospective customers about how Perry Weather helps golf courses, or connect with our team to learn more.

Why does my golf course need a weather station?

Golf courses trust Perry Weather for accurate real-time and historical weather data so your staff can be on the same page when weather hits.

Our outdoor warning systems automatically alert players and members on the course of severe weather.

Our weather data is utilized by golf course superintendents to monitor evapotranspiration, rainfall totals, forecasts and other weather data important for course planning and maintenance.

What weather do you monitor to help with golf course maintenance?

Golf course superintendents utilize Perry Weather for real-time and historical rainfall totals, real-time and historical evapotranspiration monitoring, and future forecast data to help with course maintenance and course planning.

 How does Perry Weather detect lightning?

Perry Weather detects all lightning strikes within your area down to 100 meters of accuracy, using the National Lightning Detection Network, the same system used by the U.S. government and military. 

No more scrambling to figure out what to do when lightning strikes. Our system gives you an accurate weather forecast, sends alerts based on your policies, and triggers an outdoor warning system to alert everyone else, ensuring a coordinated, swift response to keep everyone safe. Learn more about lightning detection and how Perry Weather’s advanced lightning detection system works.

 How will we notify golfers on the course of lightning?

Lightning strikes within your lightning policy zones will trigger an automatic siren to Perry Weather outdoor warning systems to help notify golfers of lightning in the area. Lightning strikes also trigger mobile alerts to staff members to help get your entire course staff on the same page.

Perry Weather also integrates with EZ-GO golf carts to give golfers on the course real-time severe weather alerts straight to their on-cart screen.

What if we have bad cellular service here?

Perry Weather units are completely wireless and use cellular networks to provide strong connection at all times. Have poor cellular service in your area?

Our built-in cellular VPN will always connect to the carrier with the best current signal ensuring a positive connection.

How many of my staff members can access the app?

Our team will set you up with as many users as you need so you can assure your whole staff is on the same page when it comes to daily weather monitoring and alerting. Talk with our team today about our options for both full-access and notification-only users.

How do we contact your meteorologists for event forecasts and guidance?

Our team of full-time meteorologists are on-call and ready 24/7 to answer your questions over text message, phone, or email. Whether you’re trying to make a go/no-go decision based on weather, need a custom forecast, or simply need to know when a lightning delay will end, we’re ready to help.

How much does this all cost?

Weather safety platforms, including lightning warning systems, used to be unaffordable to most organizations. We’ve changed the game. Our subscription pricing model is designed to fit your organization’s budget. Talk with our team to learn more.

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