Real-time Lightning Detection and Warning System

Perry Weather’s Lightning Detection and Warning System goes beyond detection — it gives you clear, actionable instructions aligned with your safety policies, taking the guesswork out of weather safety decision-making.

  • Accurate lightning detection
  • Automated warnings and notifications
  • Based on your weather policies

Beyond Lightning Detection Guided Action for Safety 

No more scrambling to figure out what to do when lightning strikes. Perry Weather gives you an accurate weather forecast, sends alerts based on your policies, and triggers an outdoor warning system to alert everyone else, ensuring a coordinated, swift response to keep everyone safe.


Without the distraction of monitoring weather conditions or making critical weather-related decisions, you can focus on tasks at hand while we work in the background to keep you safe and up-to-date.


Get a daily forecast of potential activities and their impacts. High chance of a lightning delay between 5-6 PM? We ensure you’re well-prepared, so you can optimize your schedule and ensure the safety and continuity of events.


Once lightning is detected, we guide you through immediate, necessary actions, removing the uncertainty around what needs to happen next.

Tailored Alerts: Stay Informed, Proactive, and Safe


Tailor alerts to your lightning safety policy

  • Set up alerts to receive immediate notifications and text messages with automated instructions when lightning is detected
  • Enable ‘Quiet Mode’ for notifications to ensure peace during weekends and off-hours when activities are not in session
  • Configure specific user groups and warning settings that fit your organizational needs

Know exactly when it’s safe to resume with lightning countdown timers

  • Helpful, in-app countdown timers based on your organization’s safety policies
  • After a lightning strike is detected, initiate a countdown until given the all-clear and resuming outdoor activities
  • The timer resets with each subsequent strike, ensuring adherence to safety protocols before resuming activities

Integrated Outdoor Warning System

Advanced lightning strike application
Advanced lightning strike application

Personalized PA Warnings

Get custom PA alerts and alarms with our solar-powered, cellular-connected lightning warning system. It works even during power outages, ensuring continuous safety without needing a direct power source.

Strobe lights and audible sirens

Strobe lights, loud alarms, and text-to-speech make sure you won’t miss lightning alerts, keeping places like sports fields and parks safer during storms.

Affordable with no upfront costs

No large upfront costs – simply bundle the outdoor warning hardware with your Perry Weather subscription.

▶︎ Watch a demo of the outdoor warning system siren

Elevate Your Experience with Advanced Capabilities

Automated instructions

Navigate uncertainty with clear, immediate actions and accurate data when lightning approaches.

Live radar data

Access real-time lightning strike information from the NLDN, with details on strike type and proximity with a single click.


Stay a step ahead with advanced radar and predictive lightning risk management for confident event planning and adaptive scheduling.

Text-to-speech public address

Automatically broadcast text-to-speech to make sure everyone knows what to do when you’re not there


“We are extremely pleased with Perry Weather. First class!”
— Taylor Fielder Athletics Department, Carroll ISD
“Instrumental in increasing awareness and safety of our visitors.”
— Kim Bybee Parks Manager, City of Carrollton
“Perry Weather makes our weather safety decisions easier and more reliable.”
— Corey Eaton Assistant Director of Athletics, Dallas ISD
“Perry Weather helps us make better decisions – usually a lot quicker.”
— Dan Casey , Sand Valley Golf Resort
“So clear and easy to use. We’re so excited!”
— Tiffany Coogan Depot Park Manager, City of Gainesville
“Our district relies heavily on Perry Weather for keeping students and staff safe.”
— Scott Arceneaux Head Athletic Trainer, Ascension Parish Schools
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we get from prospective customers about lightning detection, or connect with our team to learn more.

How does Perry Weather detect lightning?

Perry Weather detects all lightning strikes within your area down to 100 meters of accuracy, using the National Lightning Detection Network, the same system used by the U.S. government and military. 

No more scrambling to figure out what to do when lightning strikes. Our system gives you an accurate weather forecast, sends alerts based on your policies, and triggers an outdoor warning system to alert everyone else, ensuring a coordinated, swift response to keep everyone safe.

Learn more about lightning detection and how Perry Weather’s advanced lightning detection system works.

How does Perry Weather’s system notify us of lightning strikes?

Perry Weather’s system allows you to set up fully customizable alerts to receive immediate mobile notifications and text messages with automated instructions when lightning is detected.

Our outdoor warning systems also include fully customizable alerts. Choose how long and how often the sirens sound when lightning is detected, and when the all clear is ready.

How do we know when it’s safe to resume play after lightning?

Our web and mobile app dashboard includes customizable lightning countdown timers, based on your organization’s policies, that initiate after a lightning strike is detected, until you’re given the all-clear to resume outdoor activities.

How far away can Perry Weather detect lightning strikes?

We detect lightning strikes immediately all over the country. We can set your customizable alerts in any range of mileage from your location, based on your lightning policies. For example, you can receive alerts from any lightning strikes within five miles of your location, or alerts for any lightning strikes within 50 miles of your location.

Do Perry Weather’s sirens sound throughout the lightning delay?

You can fully customize both the number of times the sirens go off automatically when a lightning strike hits, and the duration of the sound. The same can be done for the all-clear notification when the lightning is gone.

Additionally, sirens can be operated manually right from your phone. Our sirens also have text-to-speech ability, so you can type a public announcement message on your phone to be broadcast over the siren.

How do we determine our lightning policy zones?

Our team will help you every step of the way. Our expert consultations ensure that you’re not just getting a generic policy, but one that’s tailor-made to fit your unique needs. These consultations, backed by our team of meteorologists, guarantee a policy that’s both comprehensive and actionable.

Does Perry Weather forecast for lightning?

Our accurate daily forecasts show you potential weather for the day and week ahead. High chance of a lightning delay between 5-6 PM? Our dashboard will show you the level of risk for lightning strikes at any point that day to help you stay well-prepared. 


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