Take the Guesswork Out of Weather Safety Decisions

Perry Weather tracks on-site weather conditions for you, sending instant alerts to your team when things change, so you can relax and take care of everything else.

  • On-site weather monitoring
  • Fast, automated warnings
  • Mobile & desktop apps


You’re trying to make weather safety decisions and the free apps don’t cut it

They’re based on data from many miles away, so you’ll end up with inaccurate information

They can’t tell you exactly when weather conditions exceed your safety policies

There’s no way to quickly and easily notify your team of changes

On-site weather monitoring and alerting system

Perry Weather helps you make the right choice fast

Get weather conditions from your precise location

Perry Weather’s on-site weather stations give you real-time, site-specific data for more accurate weather monitoring and alerts.

Integrate your weather policies

Perry Weather integrates your organization’s weather policies on lightning, heat stress, and more… so you’ll always stay in compliance.

Automatically alert your team when things change

Perry Weather’s automated alerts send out detailed instructions to everyone involved, so they can take consistent action quickly.

Customize alerts to suit your needs

Take control of your weather safety with customizable notification settings and manual alert options, allowing you to choose who is informed about specific conditions.

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All Perry Weather features

Real-time lightning alerts

Automated instructions for your team when lightning approaches

Follow heat stress protocols

Keep your team safe with actionable wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) alerting

Know when activity can resume

Countdown timers and all-clear notifications through text, push, on-site hardware, and more

On-site weather station data

Base your alerts and actions on real-time conditions at your specific location

Text-to-speech public address

Automatically broadcast text-to-speech to make sure everyone knows what to do when you’re not there

Policy risks today

Find out when and how activities may be impacted today

Works with your other systems

Our growing integration network includes everything from golf carts to apps, scoreboards to social media

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for custom forecasting needs

Industry-specific weather

We know your industry – from evapotranspiration (ET) to wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT)

A few reasons our customers stick around

Reduce unnecessary delays & disruptions

Real-time, site-specific weather data with on-site hardware – not generic data from an airport miles away.

Make decisions before the threat exists

Set your weather safety policies in advance – we’ll help! – and our platform takes it from there.

Your team knows what to do, even when you’re not around

Clear, concise notifications so your team, or the public, knows the proper actions to take, based on your policies.

Feels like we built the system just for you

You need quick answers and people that know your industry. We use simple language and design.

Using this system made monitoring lightning and wet bulb readings a total breeze! Now, all our coaches are on the same page and we instantly know when it’s safe for our athletes to play. Highly recommend!

Mark Buchman
Athletic Trainer

Charleston County School District

I’ve used Perry Weather for over 2 years and depend on it daily. It’s easy to navigate and extremely accurate in predicting weather. Thank you!

Jonathan Hart
Director of Campus Recreation

Georgia Institute of Technology

We don’t have to think about weather because it just works. With as much as we have to deal with, knowing there’s something that’s already taken care of is a relief.

Kim Bybee
Parks Manager

City of Carrolton

Knowing that we have a reliable and accurate weather tracking system provides peace of mind when making decisions regarding the safety of our student athletes and fans.

Colin Braley
Director of Facilities & Operations

West Virginia University

Timely, accurate, and actionable data that is always available. Takes any guess work out of event planning and management, making the weather something we just don’t have to be concerned about anymore.

Brett Mortensen
Head Athletic Trainer

Brigham Young University

This system removes all doubt. I am free to carry on with evaluations and rehabilitation because I am no longer glued to a weather app to keep my athletes safe.

Scott Bedigrew
Head Athletic Trainer

Norman Public Schools

“Perry Weather makes our weather safety decisions easier and more reliable.”
— Corey Eaton Assistant Director of Athletics, Dallas ISD
“Our district relies heavily on Perry Weather for keeping students and staff safe.”
— Scott Arceneaux Head Athletic Trainer, Ascension Parish Schools
“This is some of the best money we’ve spent!”
— Tim Weston Head Athletic Trainer, Colby College
“Instrumental in increasing awareness and safety of our visitors.”
— Kim Bybee Parks Manager, City of Carrollton
“Night and day compared to our old system!”
— Mike Garrison Athletic Campus Manager, Mount Pisgah Christian School
“Perry Weather covers our stadium and fields. Highest quality!”
— Ernesto Rodriguez Director of Safe and Secure Schools, Allen ISD
“We are extremely pleased with Perry Weather. First class!”
— Taylor Fielder Athletics Department, Carroll ISD
“So clear and easy to use. We’re so excited!”
— Tiffany Coogan Depot Park Manager, City of Gainesville
“Just the best in the business.”
— Matt Blimline Athletic Trainer, Legacy Christian Academy
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Get a Free Two Week Trial

Sign up now for your two-week free trial. Get started today!