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Precise, location-specific weather data and automatic alerts via app, web dashboard, and outdoor warning system


How Our Platform Works


Get Started in 30 Minutes or Less

Your dedicated account manager will help you as much or as little as you need. You’ll be up and running quickly with:

  • Weather safety policies
  • Organization locations
  • Notification settings
  • On-site hardware settings
  • Inviting your team

Know Your Risks For The Day

We show risk levels for your day based on what matters most for your organization’s activities and operations. We’ll tell you when to expect weather disruptions, so you can plan ahead. For example:

  • “High Chance of Lightning Delay between 5-6PM” → Prepare for alternate indoor activities
  • “High Chance of WBGT Reaching 90.0 between 1-3PM” → Prepare to limit practice and remove helmet and shoulder pads

Take Action When Weather Hits

Keep your team on the same page as weather threatens to disrupt your day. Based on your weather policies, our software tells your team exactly how to respond to weather events, including:

  • Text message and push notifications
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Audible and visual alerts through Outdoor Warning System(s)
  • Public address text-to-speech messages

Protect With On-Site Hardware

Connected on-site weather stations monitor real-time conditions, which often differ drastically from publicly available weather data. Outdoor warning systems sync with your account to provide crisp, clear instructions to everyone nearby.

  • Weather stations
  • Outdoor warning systems
  • Strobes
  • Mounted indoor dashboard tablets
  • Autonomous units – solar charged & cellular network

Works With Your Other Systems

From golf carts to scoreboards, our platform seamlessly integrates with a growing number of software and hardware systems to provide real-time alerting to your team, participants, and others impacted by disruptive weather.

  • Weather stations
  • Outdoor warning systems
  • Strobes
  • Mounted indoor dashboard tablets
  • Autonomous units – solar charged & cellular network

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we get from prospective customers, or connect with our team to learn more.

Is it expensive?

Weather safety platforms, including lightning warning systems, used to be unaffordable to most organizations. We’ve changed the game. We’ll design a solution that fits your budget. Talk with our team to learn more.

We use free/cheap weather apps. What’s the difference?

Free weather apps are great for everyday personal use, but extremely limited for use in schools, organizations, and businesses.

You can’t build weather safety policies that notify your organization about what actions need to be taken in a weather safety situation. The data can be up to an hour old and coming from the nearest airport miles away, often painting a dramatically different picture than the true conditions on the field or at your location. Learn more by talking with our team.

Can I switch if I already have another system in place?

Many of our customers came from using other systems and haven’t looked back. Let us tell you why.

I use a handheld device to monitor Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). Isn’t that good enough?

Handheld devices certainly have a place, but instructions must be followed closely, and those instructions are prone to human error (versus standalone, permanent devices). Additionally, handhelds only address one problem in the bigger picture of weather safety.

Perry Weather gives you a complete weather safety toolkit to monitor a wide spectrum of weather conditions from lightning to wind chill, keep your team on the same page through policy-driven alerts, and automatically log historical on-site conditions for simple reporting.

Why would I want on-site hardware?

Our platform includes outdoor warning system(s) and an on-site weather station. Without an outdoor warning system, you’re depending on your staff to always be on-site and constantly checking their phones for notifications, which may not be possible at all times. Without an on-site weather station, conditions will be pulled from the nearest government weather station, typically located at an airport. This data can be up to an hour old and miles away from your location. Talk with our team to find out whether on-site hardware makes sense for your organization.

What if I have weather questions when planning for an event or during the event?

We have your back. Our team of full-time meteorologists are on-call and ready to answer your questions over text message, phone, or email. Whether you’re trying to make a go/no-go decision based on weather, need a custom forecast, or simply need to know when a lightning delay will end, we’re ready to help.

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