Why Organizations Choose Perry Weather Over Free Weather Apps


Why Organizations Choose Perry Weather Over Free Weather Apps

Nov 30, 2023
Cam LaFontaine

For organizations with any outdoor activities, events or venues, weather plays a critical everyday role in decision-making whether it’s closures, delays or cancellations in the name of public safety. 

With that, having a reliable weather app is critical. For organizations like schools, universities, athletic facilities, municipalities and golf courses, having a weather platform that goes beyond general forecasting can be paramount to simplifying day to day operations. That’s why organizations who depend on generic, free weather apps have switched to Perry Weather time and time again.

Precision Matters: Perry Weather’s Accurate Forecasting

Perry Weather sets itself apart by providing hyper-local and accurate weather forecasts tailored for your industry. Unlike generic free apps that rely on broad data sources that could be miles away from your location, Perry Weather customers utilize our on-site weather stations that feed real-time, site-specific weather data and future forecasting into your app and web dashboard so you get the most accurate data and forecasts for your precise location.

Organizations also choose Perry Weather’s software-only subscriptions (with no on-site weather stations) over generic free weather apps because of the advantages in weather data and forecasting. Perry Weather uses a forecast database looked over by professionals to filter out unreliable forecast data. Perry Weather streams data from professional weather stations around the country to deliver real-time weather data and forecasts organizations can actually rely on.

In addition to the reliable and accurate weather data and forecasting, customers utilize Perry Weather’s software platform for essential features.

Advanced Lightning Detection

Perry Weather’s Lightning Detection and Warning System goes beyond detection. It gives you clear, actionable instructions aligned with your safety policies, taking the guesswork out of weather safety decision-making.

Perry Weather utilizes the most accurate and dependable lightning detection network in the United States to deliver real-time lightning alerts to customers, ensuring immediate lightning detection and notifications to your staff, faster than the free generic weather apps.

Lightning alerts in-app that go beyond detection

When lightning is detected in your area by Perry Weather, you’re guided through necessary actions, removing uncertainty around what needs to happen next.

Furthermore, Perry Weather’s lightning detection is proactive. High chance of a lightning delay between 5-6 PM? We ensure you’re well-prepared, so you can optimize your schedule and ensure the safety and continuity of events.

Know exactly when it’s safe to resume with lightning countdown timers

Additional lightning detection benefits on the Perry Weather app include helpful, in-app countdown timers based on your organization’s safety policies. The countdown timers take the manual timing and guesswork out of lightning monitoring so you know exactly when activities or events can resume.

A customizable weather app for your organization

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to weather information for organizational decision-making. Perry Weather recognizes this and offers a high level of customization.

Users can tailor their dashboards to display the specific weather parameters relevant to their industry or region. Whether it’s heat stress monitoring (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature), wind speed, precipitation levels or air quality, organizations can focus on what matters most to them.

Critical weather alerts for your whole staff

Perry Weather brings all of your staff members under one roof for weather monitoring and alerting. This simplifies the decision-making process when weather hits.

These customizable alerts can send through the app and SMS to everyone that needs to be notified of real-time or expected severe weather conditions. Add actionable steps that need to be taken by staff members depending on the conditions.

Real-time alerts for swift action

Timely information can be a game-changer in weather safety decisions. Perry Weather provides real-time and forecasted alerts for severe weather conditions without the delays seen in typical free weather apps. This proactive approach allows organizations to take swift and informed actions, ensuring the safety of personnel, assets, and operations.

Monitor multiple locations at once

Perry Weather goes beyond free weather apps with its ability to allow users to monitor multiple locations. Simply add and remove custom locations to and from your dashboard so you can receive alerts for all sites you need to monitor.

For example, school districts needing site-specific weather monitoring and alerting at numerous schools and fields through the district utilize Perry Weather to keep people safe and ensure compliance. City governments use Perry Weather to monitor multiple outdoor locations throughout the city including parks and other facilities for site-specific, real-time data.

Reliable customer support

Dedicated account managers are always available for guidance and to assist in tailoring your dashboard to fit your organization’s needs. Whether it’s setting policies, adding users or instructional help, Perry Weather is there for you.

On-site WBGT monitoring and alerts powered by your heat stress policies

For athletic trainers and directors who prioritize athlete safety, Perry Weather delivers precise on-site wet bulb globe temperature monitoring. While typical free weather apps rely on generic regional data and broad estimations, Perry Weather takes it hyper-local.

On-site WBGT measurement that eliminates risk

With Perry Weather’s 3.5″ black bulb sensor directly attached to on-site weather stations, you get automatic WBGT readings every 15 minutes, so you can ensure you’re in compliance without the hassle. This exact, site-specific measurement can be the difference in preventing heat-related illnesses.

Heat stress policy-based alerts

With Perry Weather, automatic instructive alerts and warnings are triggered based on your heat stress policies. This keeps organizations with outdoor activities compliant and confident in decision-making so everyone on staff knows exactly what to do when WBGT levels are high.

Ensure compliance with historical WBGT readings

Perry Weather automates the process of monitoring Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) by recording its values every 15 minutes. This data is always available to go back and review or export, something not offered by generic free weather apps. This historical data can be critical for ensuring compliance.

Ask a meteorologist for weather guidance 24/7

Perry Weather goes beyond generic free weather apps with dependable consultation from in-house meteorologists 24/7. Perry Weather meteorologists are available via phone, text, email and in-app for custom forecasting needs and assistance in making decisions.

User-friendly weather app interface for seamless navigation

Perry Weather combines powerful features with a user-friendly interface. Unlike some generic weather apps that might overwhelm users with unnecessary information and meteorological jargon, Perry Weather ensures that navigating through complex weather data is easy and intuitive.

This simplicity allows organizations to focus on the data that matters most without getting bogged down by excessive details.

The leading weather system and weather app for organizations

When it comes to weather monitoring and alerting, organizations need more than what generic free weather apps can offer. Perry Weather emerges as a top choice, providing accurate forecasting, customization options, real-time alerts, industry-specific insights, reliability, and a user-friendly interface.

For those committed to prioritizing safety and making informed decisions based on precise weather information, Perry Weather stands as your reliable and advanced solution. Try it out now with a two-week free trial and see how Perry Weather can enhance your weather monitoring and simplify your weather-related decision-making.

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