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Amazon Air + Perry Weather: Better weather metrics, stronger operations

  • Brad Stewart
    Site WHS Manager

Site-specific weather metrics are critical for the Amazon Air regional package delivery hub in Lakeland, Florida. The more localized the measurements, the better. Choosing the right modern weather safety platform is critical for any airport operator.

Fluctuations in wind speed, rainfall, wet bulb globe temperatures (WGBT) and lightning can trigger safety requirements and cause major impacts on business efficiencies – and the bottom line.

For Amazon Air in Lakeland, Perry Weather’s real-time, on-site weather data is key for making time-sensitive, hyperlocal judgment calls.

The e-commerce giant’s dedicated air network plays a critical role in delivering packages across longer distances, on time. Perry Weather’s customizable, fast alerts plus highly localized weather conditions help keep the supply chain logistics operating more effectively.

“Perry Weather allowed us to leverage extremely site-specific information,” says Brad Stewart, Site WHS Manager at Amazon Air Lakeland.

Even at the airport itself, weather conditions can vary wildly even over short distances.

“The wind we have coming off of the ramp is significantly different than the wind a quarter of a mile away off of the tower,” Brad says.

Wind speed and WBGT measurements are key metrics not just at Amazon, but throughout the aviation and cargo industries. Specific readings can prompt required safety action alerts.

“We take different actions at wind speeds of 41 knots, 45 knots, 51 knots. Same thing with Wet Bulb Globe Temperature – we have different actions at 81, 85, 88, 91,” he says.

Besides compliance with safety policies, Amazon also uses the historical data they collect from Amazon to track historical weather patterns and improve their forecasting.

“It allows us to make better decisions moving forward,” Brad says. “’To look back and say, ‘July 5 of last year is when we hit 88 (WGBG) consistently,’ or being able to see a trend of wind speed, is important.”

The efficiencies can reverberate throughout the business: “When to start ordering supplies, when to implement policies, when to start educating associates or employees on different policies,” Brad says. Perry Weather’s data helps Amazon answer key planning questions.

“When do we need to start transitioning from heat prevention procedure to cold prevention procedure? When do we start informing associates of shutting down operations at certain wind speeds?

“Or when do we even need to start to talk about lightning,” he says. “It rains a lot in Florida.”

Perry Weather provides levels of detail that go a long way toward business planning.

“Being able to look back at site-specific historicals, like hitting our highest Wet Bulb Globe Temperature action level on a certain day in July last year, is important,” he says.

Another great, unique, part of the partnership, with an Amazon-centric touch? “The Kindles that we use,” Brad says.

Perry Weather provided Amazon several Kindle tablets integrated with site-specific weather data. Amazon installed them in several key locations around the 700 square foot building.

“Having the display app extremely accessible like that, that’s really a nice feature as well,” he says. These Kindle stations combined with Perry Weather’s text message and push notifications provide Amazon additional levels of site-specific weather monitoring.

Amazon also worked with Perry Weather on a custom integration with an on-site smart TV to provide additional ways for Amazon to show data to key stakeholders.

“Not only can our key leaders see the information, but people who don’t even have the app are able to see a general overview, a snapshot of what projections look like, and what the actionables are,” he says. “That also helps hold us accountable.”

Whether delivering Amazon-specific integrations or solving customer-centric client needs, Perry Weather has built a strong partnership with Amazon.

“The Perry Weather team has been great to work with,’ Brad says. “It’s a solution that’s been excellent for us in Lakeland.”