Colleges & Universities

Protect your campus with the modern weather safety platform.

Protect lives, enforce safety policies, and minimize disruption

Your staff knows exactly what to do when weather hits

Set your weather safety policies in advance, based on regulations or internal policies, and keep your staff and general public informed when weather hits.

  • Activate outdoor warning systems based on lightning or other conditions
  • Instantly broadcast critical messages across your fields or campus
  • Intuitive, powerful web dashboard, app, and connected hardware
  • Monitor what matters most to you – lightning, air quality, heat, & much more

Proactively protect your student athletes, faculty, and public

Real-time lightning alerts

Blazing fast alerts with custom instructions to your team, countdown timers, and all-clear notifications

Follow heat stress protocols

Keep your teams safe with actionable wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) alerting

Policy risks today

Find out when and how activities may be impacted across your teams and campus today

Text your staff

Blast a message to some or all of your staff, such as “Cancel activities” or “Expect larger crowds Saturday”

Text-to-speech public address

Make sure everyone knows exactly what to do when you’re not there

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for one-on-one guidance and event forecasts

Customer Testimonials

“This is some of the best money we’ve spent!”
— Tim Weston Head Athletic Trainer, Colby College

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