Protect your parks & patrons with modern weather safety.

Watch and protect all of your facilities from one platform

Automatically alert patrons with clear instructions

Blanket your properties with policy-based weather monitoring and alerting. Check on real-time conditions across your facilities with our web and mobile app.

  • Visually see all of your properties with real-time conditions
  • Activate outdoor warning systems based on lightning or other conditions
  • Instantly broadcast critical messages across your properties
  • Web dashboard, mobile app, and many other industry-leading features

Powerful tools to monitor your parks and keep patrons safe.

Monitor weather at all properties

View real-time conditions and create automations that keep your team and/or the public informed

Field conditions at a glance

Remotely decide whether to close fields based on camera images, rainfall totals, and other conditions

Text-to-speech public address

Instantly broadcast custom or preset messages for lightning, park closures, or other conditions

Remotely manage hardware

Easily update hardware settings on-the-fly and manually activate hardware as needed

Update park status on the web

Optionally embed real-time conditions on your public website for your properties

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for one-on-one guidance and event forecasts

Customer Testimonials

“Instrumental in increasing awareness and safety of our visitors.”
— Kim Bybee Parks Manager, City of Carrollton
“So clear and easy to use. We’re so excited!”
— Tiffany Coogan Depot Park Manager, City of Gainesville
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