Protect your parks & patrons with modern weather safety.

Watch and protect all of your facilities from one platform

Automatically alert patrons with clear instructions

Blanket your properties with policy-based weather monitoring and alerting. Check on real-time conditions across your facilities with our web and mobile app.

  • Visually see all of your properties with real-time conditions
  • Activate outdoor warning systems based on lightning or other conditions
  • Instantly broadcast critical messages across your properties
  • Web dashboard, mobile app, and many other industry-leading features

Powerful tools to monitor your parks and keep patrons safe.

Monitor weather at all properties

View real-time conditions and create automations that keep your team and/or the public informed

Field conditions at a glance

Remotely decide whether to close fields based on camera images, rainfall totals, and other conditions

Text-to-speech public address

Instantly broadcast custom or preset messages for lightning, park closures, or other conditions

Remotely manage hardware

Easily update hardware settings on-the-fly and manually activate hardware as needed

Update park status on the web

Optionally embed real-time conditions on your public website for your properties

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for one-on-one guidance and event forecasts

Customer Testimonials

“Instrumental in increasing awareness and safety of our visitors.”
— Kim Bybee Parks Manager, City of Carrollton
“So clear and easy to use. We’re so excited!”
— Tiffany Coogan Depot Park Manager, City of Gainesville
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we get from prospective customers about how Perry Weather helps cities and municipalities.

Why is Perry Weather better than free weather apps on my phone?

Free weather apps are great for everyday personal use, but extremely limited for use in parks, facilities, organizations, and businesses.

You can’t build weather safety policies that notify your organization about what actions need to be taken in a weather safety situation. The data can be up to an hour old and coming from the nearest airport miles away, often painting a dramatically different picture than the true conditions on the field or at your location. Learn more by talking with our team.

How many of my staff members can access the software?

Our team will set you up with as many users as you need so you can assure your whole staff is on the same page when it comes to daily weather monitoring and alerting. Talk with our team today about our options for both full-access and notification-only users.

Can the public access your software?

Full access to Perry Weather’s software is intended to keep your staff on the same page. However our system can seamlessly integrate with parks and city websites so you can put our forecast and real-time weather insights dashboard, including radar and lightning strike timers, for the public to access at all times.

Municipal Perry Weather clients also utilize QR code signs that can give visitors link access to the public-facing dashboard for real-time weather insights.

How does Perry Weather detect lightning?

Perry Weather detects all lightning strikes within your area down to 100 meters of accuracy, using the National Lightning Detection Network, the same system used by the U.S. government and military. 

No more scrambling to figure out what to do when lightning strikes. Our system gives you an accurate weather forecast, sends alerts based on your policies, and triggers an outdoor warning system to alert everyone else, ensuring a coordinated, swift response to keep everyone safe. Learn more about lightning detection and how Perry Weather’s advanced lightning detection system works.

Does your weather station need Wi-Fi to work?

Perry Weather units are completely wireless and use cellular networks to provide strong connection at all times. Have poor cellular service in your area? Our built-in cellular VPN will always connect to the carrier with the best current signal ensuring a positive connection. 

What if something happens to the weather station?

Under Perry Weather’s subscription pricing model, your hardware is covered under warranty. Should any maintenance be required, Perry Weather technicians will service your hardware to get you back up and running.

Do we have to set up our weather policies and our users?

We help take this out of your hands. Your dedicated account manager will get you all set up with your specific weather policies and get all of your users set up on the software so you can be ready to go upon install.

Are your weather stations expensive?

Weather safety platforms, including lightning warning systems, used to be unaffordable to most organizations. We’ve changed the game. Our subscription pricing model is designed to fit your organization’s budget. Talk with our team to learn more.