Playbooks + Perryweather integration

Level up your golf course maintenance

With Perry Weather + Playbooks, golf course superintendents gain unprecedented access to advanced, automated weather features within the Playbooks for Golf software to help guide superintendents on course maintenance and course planning decisions.

Connect Perry Weather with Playbooks to improve maintenance planning

Seamless integration through our Weather Stations to enhance your Nutrient Analysis, Inventory, Cost, GDD, EIQ, AI, and more, all with an export ability for reporting.

  • Collect on-site analytics to insert into the Weather Control field on your application log
  • Site-specific data to help gauge GDD calculations and ET readings
  • Customize times to collect historical weather data when filling out logs days after they occurred
  • Color-coded conditions displayed to simplify tasks and understanding

What customers are saying

“Integrating Perry Weather and Playbooks is a win-win. Often applications are made or adjusted with weather forecasts in mind. Having them together makes decision making that much quicker.”
— KD Davis , Royal Oaks Country Club

What is Perry Weather?

Our modern weather safety platform provides you with the most important data to help manage your facility and maximize daily operations. Features include:

Cloud-based web and mobile app for your whole staff

Real-time weather in the palm of your hands. Our platform is built for your team and is simple to use.

On-site weather station for hyperlocal data and historical analytics

Better data drives better decisions. Collect real-time, site-specific conditions for more accurate monitoring and alerting.

Fully wireless Outdoor Warning System for audiovisual alerting

Automatically broadcast timely alerts and messages across your facility to increase communication and safety while your team is operating equipment.

Other powerful Integrations with your existing systems

Our growing integration network includes golf carts, member apps, and irrigation systems to allow for increased awareness for your entire club staff and membership.