Perry Weather + Pace Integration

Pace Integration

Notify your course members of severe weather and track storms with live radar right on your cart screens.

The integration between Pace Technology and Perry Weather equips golf carts with real-time weather monitoring, providing golfers and course operators with live localized weather radar and alerts to enhance safety and decision-making

Automate severe weather alerts to members at play to cart screens

Get real-time lightning strike data and timers so you know exactly when it’s safe to resume play

Allow players to gauge wind speed, direction, and live radar

Customer Testimonials

“Perry Weather helps us make better decisions – usually a lot quicker.”
— Dan Casey , Sand Valley Golf Resort

Powerful features built for you and your whole team

Real-time lightning alerts

Automated instructions for your team when lightning approaches

Follow heat stress protocols

Keep your team safe with actionable wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) alerting

Know when activity can resume

Countdown timers and all-clear notifications through text, push, on-site hardware, and more

On-site weather station data

Base your alerts and actions on real-time conditions at your specific location

Text-to-speech public address

Automatically broadcast text-to-speech to make sure everyone knows what to do when you’re not there

Policy risks today

Find out when and how activities may be impacted today

Works with your other systems

Our growing integration network includes everything from golf carts to apps, scoreboards to social media

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for custom forecasting needs

Industry-specific weather

We know your industry – from evapotranspiration (ET) to wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT)

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