Better user access & alert speed for West Virginia University

Customer Story

West Virginia University

Apr 12, 2022
Better user access & alert speed for West Virginia University


West Virginia University had a weather monitoring system that limited the total number of available accounts. With multiple people needing to access key weather data, staffers were forced to share login information.

This led to access issues, when one staff member would log on to a shared account, and accidentally kick somebody else off the platform.

They needed a more robust system that could support multiple accounts, and eliminate user frustration.


Perry Weather provided WVU with the system they needed to manage multiple accounts with access to a web dashboard and mobile app.

The live lightning tracker offers data from the world’s most reliable lightning detection system, and customizable account settings let staffers configure the alerts they need, without worrying about suddenly getting kicked off the system.


With Perry Weather now in place, all of West Virginia’s staff members are able to have their own specific accounts, and customize the accounts to their needs.

Since implementing Perry Weather, WVU has also noticed they receive lightning strike alerts quicker than with their prior system – and their costs are lower, too.

“Knowing that we have a reliable and accurate weather tracking system provides peace of mind when making decisions regarding the safety of our student athletes and fans”
Colin Braley, Director of Facilities & Operations, West Virginia University