referral program

Refer a friend to Perry Weather and get $500

Invite a friend or peer to Perry Weather, and when their organization signs up, you’ll earn a $500 credit on your next invoice!

How it works:


Send us your referral’s name & organization

Contact or get in touch with your Account Manager, providing them with your referral’s name and organization.


We’ll give you a link to share with your referral

We’ll provide you with a unique tracking link to send your referral, so we know they heard about us from you!


Once they sign up, we’ll take $500 off your next invoice

As soon as your referral signs their organization up for Perry Weather, we’ll mark your account for a credit of $500 off of your next invoice!

Frequently asked questions

How do I refer someone?

To refer others to Perry Weather, simply reach out to your account manager or send an email to to request your unique referral link. This link can be shared as many times as you’d like!

Can I refer multiple organizations?

Yes! There’s no limit to the number of organizations you can refer! With every new organization that signs up with Perry Weather on your referral, you’ll earn an extra $500 credit on your next invoice.

How do I receive my $500 invoice credit?

Your $500 credit will be automatically applied to your next invoice!

How do I know if my referral signed up for Perry Weather?

Once your referral completes their sign-up with Perry Weather, we’ll notify you with an email to confirm!

I referred someone a while back, but never received my credit. Am I still eligible? 

If you made a referral to Perry Weather after February 2023 and haven’t received your credit yet, you may still be eligible. Reach out to us at, and we would happy to look into it!

Refer a friend to Perry Weather today and get $500