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What is Perry Weather?

Our modern weather safety platform provides you with the most important data to help protect your facility and maximize daily operations. Features include:

Cloud-based web and mobile app for your whole staff

Real-time lightning detection with automated notifications

On-site weather station for hyperlocal data and historical analytics

Fully wireless Outdoor Warning System for audiovisual alerting

Powerful integrations with your existing platforms

Live weather for your golf carts, dynamic widget for your club app, and more for increased efficiency and member engagement

How do I get started?

It’s simple to get up and running on Perry Weather:

  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Set up a demo to find out the best solution for your club
  • Once you’re ready, we’ll set you up on the platform ASAP

Customer Testimonials

“Perry Weather helps us make better decisions – usually a lot quicker.”
— Dan Casey , Sand Valley Golf Resort