Monitoring & alerts for WBGT, Heat Stress, Lightning, and more

Weather Safety System for Kentucky Schools & Districts

Get precise, location-based weather information and automatic alerts, compliant with KHSAA heat stress policy guidelines, right to your phone or outdoor warning system.

  • On-site WBGT heat stress monitoring
  • Automated alerts
  • District-wide weather dashboard

Why Christian County Schools Relies on Perry Weather

“Without accurate, up-to-date information that we’re getting on a daily basis, hourly basis, minute-by-minute basis sometimes, it’d be hard to run a school system. We’re very fortunate to have access to a great system like Perry Weather to help us move this district forward and continue operations.

Automate Your Heat Stress Policy Management. No Handhelds Required.

automated alerts to your phone

Heat Stress Policy Based Alerts

Integrate your heat stress policies to guide your coaches and staff in taking the right actions  

  • Automated alerts: Notifications and texts with instructions when WBGT limits are exceeded
  • Custom quiet times: Silence alerts on weekends or nights for undisturbed off-hours
  • Configurable settings: Tailor user preferences and alert parameters to your organization’s requirements
no handheld wbgt device required

On-site WBGT Monitoring Without the Fuss of Handhelds

Stationary 3.5in WBGT monitor for accurate readings, eliminating the errors of handheld devices  

  • 3.5in ISO-standard black bulb: Larger bulbs provide more accurate readings, so you’re always using the best information
  • Historical Data Log: Get historical WBGT data for any period, with easy-to-export reports, automatically recorded by Perry Weather
  • Set and Forget: No need to calibrate and remember to bring your handheld WBGT devices


Why Handheld Kestrel Devices Don’t Cut It

Kestrel handheld WBGT devices have a bias for higher readings

Multiple independent studies have shown that Kestrel devices tend to provide readings that are higher than the actual WBGT. This becomes more pronounced as the WBGT values increase, resulting in activities being altered unnecessarily.

They can’t tell you what actions to take or warn coaches + training staff

Kestrel devices are simply a measurement device. They aren’t integrated with your heat stress policies, and they can’t tell trainers and staff what to do next. Perry Weather alerts all coaches and staff what to do next via text + mobile notifications.

They require maintenance and calibration

Kestrel devices require calibration for up to 30 minutes before use, leaving you with yet another thing to worry about before practice. Eliminate human errort and calibration issues with Perry Weather.

Accurate Lightning Detection with Instant Alerts

Integrated Outdoor Warning System

Audible Sirens and Visual Strobe Lights

  • Strobe lights and audible sirens Strobe lights, loud alarms, and text-to-speech make sure you won’t miss lightning alerts
  • Personalized PA Warnings: Get custom alerts with our solar-powered, cellular lightning warning system for continuous safety
  • Affordable with no upfront costs No large upfront costs – simply bundle the outdoor warning hardware with your Perry Weather subscription
Lightning Countdown Timers

Know the Moment it’s Safe to Resume Outdoor Activities

  • Helpful, in-app countdown timers based on your organization’s safety policies
  • After a lightning strike is detected, initiate a countdown until given the all-clear and resuming outdoor activities
  • The timer resets with each subsequent strike, ensuring adherence to safety protocols before resuming activities
Automated Lightning Alerts

Tailor Alerts to Your Lightning Safety Policy

  • Receive immediate notifications and text messages with clear instructions when lightning is detected
  • Enable ‘Quiet Mode’ for notifications to ensure peace during weekends and off-hours when activities are not in session
  • Configure specific user groups and warning settings that fit your organizational needs

24/7 Access to Pro Meteorologists

Get Help Making the Right Call

Perry Weather’s team of professional meteorologists are just a phone call or text away

When decisions are difficult to make, or if you have an upcoming event with storms in the forecast, lean on the Perry Weather meteorologist team! Available via email, phone, or text 24/7!

Storms on Graduation Day

You’re in charge of operations on graduation day and a storm pops up in the middle of the ceremony. Do you move indoors, or wait until it clears? We’ll help you make the call.

Proactive Event Forecasts 

You’re an Athletic Director hosting an area track meet. Ask for a custom 10-day forecast and our met team will update you daily leading up to the event.

In-Game Lightning Advice

It’s Friday night in the second quarter when lightning strikes. Do you postpone the game or wait it out? We’ll use our custom weather models to help you make the right call.

Powerful Features Built for Schools

Real-time Lightning Alerts

Automated instructions for your team when lightning approaches

Know When Activities Can Resume

Countdown timers and all-clear notifications through text, push, on-site hardware, and more

On-site Weather Station Data

Base your alerts and actions on real-time conditions at your specific location

Text-to-Speech Public Address

Automatically broadcast text-to-speech to make sure everyone knows what to do when you’re not there

Policy Risk Forecasts

Find out when and how activities may be impacted today

Publicly Display Weather Widgets

Embed custom widgets with weather conditions on websites, hallway TVs, scoreboards, and more!

Ask a meteorologist

Call, text, or email our full-time meteorologists for custom forecasting needs

Effortless User Management

Create user groups so staff members get the notifications that are relevant to them

Get a Free Two Week Trial

Take Perry Weather for a test drive with a two-week free trial. Get started today!


WBGT Monitoring in Athletics: Addressing Concerns with Kestrel Devices

As an athletic trainer or director, ensuring the safety of your athletes during practices and games is a top priority. One crucial aspect is monitoring the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), which helps determine the risk of heat-related illnesses. While Kestrel devices are widely used for WBGT monitoring, recent studies have raised concerns about their accuracy and the potential impact on athletic activities.

CIF WBGT: Heat Stress Guidelines for CA Schools Explained

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) recently announced new guidelines mandating WBGT monitoring during athletic activities, particularly during high-risk periods of heat exposure (CIF, 2023). These heat stress policies in California aim to prioritize the safety of student-athletes and provide clear protocols for managing heat-related risks during practices and competitions.