Perry Weather Athletic Trainer Excellence Award

Help us recognize the heroes in sports medicine

Nominations are now closed. Thank you to all that submitted a nomination for the AT Excellence Award!

In honor of National Athletic Trainer Month 

Perry Weather is proud to announce the Perry Weather Athletic Trainer Excellence Award. This award will help spotlight the athletic training profession and the often overlooked heroes in athletics!

Do you know an exceptional peer in sports medicine who has gone above and beyond their duties as an athletic trainer? Recognize their remarkable contributions by nominating them for the Perry Weather Athletic Trainer Excellence Award.

This award honors athletic trainers who have demonstrated unparalleled commitment and dedication to the safety and well-being of their student athletes, staff, and community.

Eligible Nominees:

  • • Full-time athletic trainer or manager of an AT team
  • • Registered/licensed by state (if required)

As a token of appreciation, Perry Weather will donate $1,000.00 to the winner’s preferred sports medicine scholarship fund, helping to foster the growth and advancement of this remarkable profession.

Nominees will be scored as follows:
  1. 1. Years of service
  2. 2. Provide an exemplary level of patient health care
  3. 3. Elevate the athletic training profession
  4. 4. Description/story of why your nominee should be considered
  5. 5. Number of votes nominee receives