lightning storm over football field

How to Create a Severe Weather Plan for Your Outdoor Event

Creating a Severe Weather Plan for an Outdoor Event

From luncheons and concerts to golf outings, every organized event needs a plan. However, not all things happen according to schedule. Absolutely everything needs to be accounted for, and that includes unpredictable weather.

What Counts as Severe Weather?

The severity of the weather event is largely determined by the location in which it takes place. This is why you need a plan to figure out exactly what constitutes severe weather in your event’s locale. Always keep a radio nearby and some form of severe weather alert software. Since everyone has a phone these days, it would also be wise to download a severe weather notification application. In the absence of severe weather alert software or severe weather notification app, event organizers will be less informed about the weather conditions.

Have a Plan

When preparing for bad weather, talk to everyone involved in setting up the outdoor event. Discuss where they should seek shelter and what to do when the worst happens. Everyone needs to be in communication. When an outdoor warning system, such as a siren, starts blaring, the organization will be ready to help guests move to the safest places they can in the least amount of time.

Must the Show Go On?

There’s always a possibility that inclement weather could put a stop to your outdoor gathering. There’s a difference between resuming an outdoor meeting when it’s drizzling and when lightning is arcing across the sky. A little bit of rain might not be a showstopper, but there’s no way to know if that rain could turn into hail. It is never safe to be outside in such events, and some sacrifices might need to be made. The safety of your guests is paramount. A severe weather warning system can tell guests and event workers if there is any potentially dangerous weather approaching.

Expect the Unexpected — Consider insurance

Insurance is there for when things go wrong. Nobody can control the weather or stop it from wrecking outdoor event plans. When this happens, the cost could be higher than your organization would like it to be. Some businesses could even go out completely if they have to shell out that kind of money. With insurance, that worry is alleviated.

Keep an Eye on the Skies

Outdoor event organizers should always have a plan of action to take if the weather takes a turn for the worse. In case of emergency, these tips will help guide your attendees to safety and keep them calm. Severe weather warning systems are some of the greatest inventions of the modern era and have helped the average year in and year out. If you would like to learn about Perry Weather’s outdoor warning system and lightning detection applications, contact us today!