Who We Are..

Perry Weather is made up of an array of backgrounds spanning from atmospheric scientists, to investment bankers, to software engineers. Our team strives to provide sustainable insights and tools that explain and predict the impact weather has or will have on our clients. Meet the folks that make Perry Weather so great!

Colin Perry, CEO/Founder

Colin is the CEO and Founder of Perry Weather. His childhood fascination of the weather remained a motivation to study meteorology and mathematics at the top operational meteorology school in the country, Texas A&M University. Colin has worked in the broadcast meteorology industry as well as the agriculture commodity world. His desire to provide answers and proactive solutions to weather-impacted businesses is the reason he started Perry Weather in 2012.


Zach howard, VP of SaleS

Zach's background is in high school and collegiate athletics and has a BS degree from Howard Payne University.  Upon completion of his final football season of eligibility at the University of Missouri S&T, he spent a year playing professionally in Europe in the Austrian Football League before making the transition into teaching and coaching at the high school level.  He brings practical knowledge and hands on experience of dealing with weather related issues as a coach.  He has also spent significant time as a sales rep in the commercial insurance and roofing industries.


Ian allen, Meteorologist/account manager

Ian graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he got a BS degree in meteorology. While at UNC Charlotte he served as Vice President of the meteorology organization. He became interested in weather because he saw the impact it had on people's day-to-day lives and desired to bridge the gap between the two. Additionally, he gained significant professional experience and knowledge in operational forecasting while working in the energy and utilities industry.


Jonathan Tran, Software Engineer

Jonathan graduated from The University of North Texas with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. Jonathan is a true, full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in the long-haul trucking industry where he developed navigation and mapping solutions. He values a solid user experience and aims his work toward this goal. Jonathan's unique and valuable perspective on projects make him a vital member of the Perry Weather team.


Matthew Marchetti, Developer/Data Analyst

Matthew graduated from Baylor University from their most selective undergraduate academic program, University ScholarsMatthew is a full-stack developer with a specialty in application development using big data. He focuses on our CourseCast product and weather analytics API.


Nate Larson,             DEVELOPER/DATA ANALYST

Nate is our math genius. He graduated summa cum laude from Baylor University's mathematics program. He has an exceptional talent in artificially intelligent algorithms, automation systems, and data research. He focuses on our CourseCast product and weather analytics API.