Weather Business Analytics

Evaluate historical performance and proactively forecast revenues. Our market-specific algorithms illuminate the fiscal connections between weather and your business. Check out our product CourseCast, that specializes in the $76 billion golf industry.

Mass notification

Equip your city, stadium, or school with strategically placed audible sirens and flashing lights to alert the masses of impending severe weather (tornado, flash floods, lightning, heat, winds, etc.). 

Real-Time WeatheR

Subscribe to our mobile & web based application, Pocket Perry, or directly connect to our plug-n-play API.  Our data and applications monitor real-time inclement weather (lightning strikes, severe weather, precipitation, etc.).

Custom Development

Have a unique weather interest? Our meteorologists and development team will build the custom tool needed for your company.


Receive expert consulting, forecasting, or analysis for any weather-related risk (safety protocols, business analytics, data interpretation, etc.)

Special Events

From small outdoor weddings to large music festivals, we provide your staff with our technology, forecasts, and on-site meteorologists to help you through your special day.