Our Forecasts

Planning Forecast

Our daily and weekly planning forecasts give clients a detailed, numerical forecast for that day and week. The weather parameters in the far left column are adjusted depending on the specific concerns of the client.

Severe Weather Forecasts

Providing our clients a weekly 'Breakdown' along with up to the minute severe weather monitoring.

Perry Weather Risk Analysis 

Produced in a statistical and visual manner, our Perry Weather Risk graphics allow clients to compare the weather forecast to their specific 'caution thresholds' (ie, A school district cancels outdoor practices if temperatures surpass 100 F). Examples:

Social Media Weather Alerts

Have your students, staff, residents, fans, etc. follow your businesses unique weather twitter feed for the latest weather updates. Enjoy the benefits of FREE marketing... @TXA&Mweather thanks for the forecast, enjoying a fighting #texasaggie baseball game!

Pocket Perry APP


NowAlert Notifications

An example of what our NowAlert notifications look like. Messages Include:

  • Distance From Severe Weather or Lightning
  • Estimated Delay Time
  • Severe Weather or Lightning Arrival Time
  • Proactive Alerts Concerning Future Storms
  • 'All-Clear' Message

Long-Range Forecasts

Two-month anomalous temperature and precipitation outlooks.